The RJ Cat’s Over-Rated List

September 17, 2011

Our friend The RJ Cat is more than a man – he’s a menswear phenomenon. Today, he sent us this list of things he thinks are over-rated. We’re inclined to agree.

  1. Confiture de Bar le Duc
  2. Vicuna
  3. Kopi Luwak coffee
  4. Youth
  5. Anything you read about in a magazine
  6. Air travel in general and business and first class in particular
  7. The improvement of bespoke shoes over well-fitting, well-made RTW shoes
  8.  Marinella ties
  9. Seven-, nine- or eleven-fold ties
  10. The unironic embrace of the conservative business dress phenomenon
  11.  The concept of sprezzatura as misunderstood on men’s clothing forums
  12.  Cashmere socks
  13. The “Super XXXs” fabric arm race
  14. The importance of handwork in most clothing
  15. Outlet centers
  16. Branded fabrics in ready-to-wear suits
  17. Collar stays in anything other than plastic
  18. Any gimmicky inventions designed to anchor your collar, dimple your tie or otherwise introduce more fuss to getting dressed.
  19. Thick wooden hangers
  20. Belts
  21. Suspenders
  22. Referring to braces instead of suspenders, brollies instead of umbrellas, or sock garters in anything other than hushed tones when one is not British.
  23. Brands with “Jermyn Street” or “London” or “Essentially British” in their names or PR that haven’t had anything made in the greater United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in decades.
  24. Know-it-all lists like this.

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