I Hate Shopping Because I Hate Myself And I Don’t Know What Clothes To Wear

September 26, 2011

Then I quickly throw on some clothes—the same outfit every day, pretty much. It’s just… I hate shopping because I hate myself and I don’t know what clothes to wear. And I get into an existential crisis when I have to choose clothes because I think “Well who am I, that I would wear this shirt rather than this one.” I’m not proud of that… There was a period about 10 years ago where I would have to get drunk in order to buy clothes.

Ira Glass, interviewed by Marc Maron on WTFpod. (via breathnaigh)

Two of my favorite colleagues!

I just got back from the big public radio conference. Was pitching WTF to stations (I help produce the public radio version… ask for it by name). And I gave Ira a high five, but didn’t get a chance to hang out. Ira’s selling himself short. His one outfit (monochromatic semi-casual) works great for him. Nothing wrong with that.

As an aside: four public radio heroes who go to those conferences and stick up for all that’s right with pubcasting: Ira, Jay Allison, Jad Abumrad and Brooke Gladstone. That’s four kick-ass people right there, and I’m very, very proud to work in their industry.