Unsolicited Endorsement: Lands’ End Crew Socks

February 21, 2013

Unsolicited Endorsement: Lands’ End Crew Socks

When I’m wearing sneakers, I prefer not to wear white socks. Sure, I’ll wear Costco Champion athletic socks for actual athletics (even I exercise sometimes), but when I’m wearing jeans, I prefer something with some color. I haven’t found a better ratio of price to quality in that department than Lands’ End.

Lands’ End crew socks are thick enough to feel right with my trainers. They’re reasonably priced ($13.30 for two pair, currently). They come in a bunch of colors (I favor burgundy, navy and red). They’re mostly cotton, with enough synthetic to help them hold their color, shape and comfort after many washes. They’re just a solid performer. I’ve got a few pairs of similar socks from Uniqlo, and the Lands’ End model puts them to shame.

So: consider the Lands’ End cotton crew sock ENDORSED.

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