Using Oxiclean For Stain Removal

February 14, 2011

Using Oxiclean for Stain Removal

In Episode 4 of Put This On, I address using Oxiclean to remove stains – particularly underarm stains.

You can find the exhaustive system we recommend for removing even bad stains here, but here are some basics.

To boost your laundry’s cleaning power, add two or three scoops of Oxiclean to the load.

To make an Oxiclean soak, mix four scoops of Oxiclean with each gallon of water. You can then soak garments for as long as 24 hours.

To make a super-concentrated pre-treatment, add one scoop of Oxiclean to about 12 ounces of water – that’s about a water glass full.

You should always test if you’re concerned about color fastness, but I’ve frankly never had Oxiclean take color out of my clothes.