Vintage Pocket Squares, Cheap.

November 7, 2017

Here’s a cool thing: as I’ve been around the world shopping for fabrics for the PTO Gentlemen’s Association pocket squares, I’ve grabbed squares I thought were nice when I could. Now we’ve got all together too many in our closet, and I don’t want to sell them individually.

SO: here’s the deal. While supplies last, I’m selling them for peanuts in packs of three, five and ten. You don’t get to pick which ones (though if you tell us what you’d like we’ll steer in that direction), but you do get a really incredible deal.

I promise, these are all beautiful squares I chose myself personally. The ones pictured above are actually just some that we grabbed randomly from our box, not some curated selection of what we have. It’s a great deal, because I need to clear some space. Go to town.