Vintage Rayon Pocket Squares, 31% Off With The Code OUTTAHERE

September 25, 2014

Vintage Rayon Pocket Squares, 31% Off with the code OUTTAHERE

Among my favorite pocket squares in the Put This On shop are our selection of squares made from vintage rayon. Rayon is a plant-based material that was popular as a substitute for silk and nylon during the depression and World War II. After the war, with the rise of cheaper petroleum-based synthetics, its popularity faded.

When made into clothes, rayon’s lack of breathability can be a liability. For pocket squares, though, it’s perfect. The greatest strengths of the fabric are its slinky, soft hand and its vibrant colors, which are of course what you need for a perfect pocket square. Of course the late-Deco era designs are amazing, too.

These fabrics are now seventy five years old, and it took me a year to assemble the group we used for our last round of rayon squares. They range from the relatively sedate designs you see above to wild tropicals. The textiles came from antique dealers, vintage enthusiasts and old ladies’ sewing boxes. I think they’re really something special.

This week everything in our entire shop, including these rayon beauties, is on sale. Just use the code OUTTAHERE and you’ll get 31% off your entire order.