All I Want For Christmas: Jimmy Pardo

November 27, 2009

All I Want For Christmas: Jimmy Pardo

In our continuing series All I Want For Christmas, we ask me we like what they’d like to get as a gift.

More than just a comedian, Jimmy Pardo is a gentleman.  No comic has ever staked more of his reputation on the wearing of “a nice pant” and “a hard shoe."  He spends his days working for The Tonight Show (in a suit, folks) and his nights and weekends as the host of the hilarious podcast Never Not Funny.  In fact, Never Not Funny is hosting a live 9-hour podcast marathon tonight (Friday), starting at 9PM pacific.  They’ll be raising money to repair cleft palates in the third world, so be sure to tune in and donate.  But what does the gentleman’s gentleman want for Christmas?

"Ever since George Michael sang ‘a white cool cat in a trilby hat’ in Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do), I’ve wanted one. The only problem? I look horrible in hats. Maybe this one will cure my ills.”

Vintage Trilby, $54 from A&J Esoterica