Wallet-Friendly Gift Giving

December 12, 2016

Wallet-Friendly Gift Giving

Gift giving can be stressful and anxiety-inducing, so often people just default to buying something shiny, expensive, and ultimately non-special for simplicity’s sake. Nuts to that. We at Put This On often talk about the difference between cost and value, and the holiday season is a great time to show off what you’ve learned about finding products with charm. A cheap something special is much better than a boring something on sale. 

Consider this a reminder to consult your local craft fairs, small businesses and designers, or wherever you might find something to play into that perfect inside joke, instead of just buying the 2016 version of whatever device will be outdated by 2017. 

Fortunately we have a slew of reasonably-priced goods over at the Put This On Shop. On our side banner you can now see gift sections for multiple budgets, and in this post you can see highlights from our ”under $25″ collection. A couple bucks spent on items with real true charm will last a lot longer than something pricey and flashy. If nothing else you’ll be giving the greatest gift of all will be to your bank account. 

Check out the treasures in the Put This On Shop – and use the code SANTACLAUSE for free domestic shipping on almost everything.

(Above: a 1920s Santa Claus pin, new old stock “Snap-a-Gram” tie clips, vintage metal shoe horns, early 20th century Cracker Jack lapel studsvintage denim buttons for your lapel, 1940-ish necktie shoehorns, naval recruit notebooks, lion snap cufflinks, and telegraph operator’s notebooks. All under $25.)