Q And Answer: Wedding Suits

December 31, 2009

Q and Answer: Wedding Suits

Alex writes: My sister is preparing for her wedding next September and is looking for three brown suits for the groomsmen.  Where would you go to look for quality well-cut suits at a reasonable price? I would scout Ebay if this suit was for myself, but I have no idea of where to look for three of a kind. Also, do you have any strong opinions about vests under suit coats?

Really?  Brown suits?  Seriously?

I think you should implore your sister to drop this cockamamie brown suit idea.

  • If your groomsmen are all wearing the same suit, they will look like they’re going to the homecoming dance without dates.
  • Brown is the least formal and least useful suit a man can own.  (And I say this as an advocate of wearing brown – it suits my coloration.)
  • Buying three suits is going to be a significant expense, and that money would be better spent on the honeymoon or something important.

A much better choice is to ask all the groomsmen to wear a navy blue or charcoal suit, white shirt and black shoes.  If she wants matchiness, offer to buy bespoke ties from Sam Hober in traditional wedding tie colors (black, silver, white, grey).  Shoot, she can even pick out suits for everybody in a more appropriate color if she likes.

Honestly: this color theme wedding nonsense is out of hand.  These are men, not playdolls.

If she insists on the matching brown suits, she’s almost certainly going to end up paying full retail, if she can even find something decent.  This one from Brooks is going to be on sale for a few more days.  Their 1818 line has a modern cut and decent quality, and the peak lapel is a bit more formal.  Of course, the suit isn’t really going to be of any use for the guys afterwards.  Unless they’re going to sophisticated evening events in barns.