What Is The Put This On Inside Track?

August 24, 2014

What Is the Put This On Inside Track?

Once a week here at Put This On, we post a special newsletter. The Inside Track features a roundup of recommended eBay items, hot sales and other tips to save you money on clothes.

Of course, we sometimes post sales notices here, and we post eBay lists publicly as well, but there’s a big difference. You may have noticed that when we post stuff here, our very large readership means it’s often gone in short order – or if it’s an eBay item, there’s stiff competition. A post on our site goes to about a thousand people for every one who sees it in our paid newsletter. That means much less competition – and savings for you.

The Inside Track costs less than five bucks a month. That means if you buy one or two items from our eBay lists or using one of our sale codes over the course of a year, you’ve saved money. And best of all, it keeps the lights on here at PTO, and supports our tough editorial policies.

Sign up for the Inside Track and start saving today.

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