What Should Suit Alterations Cost?

October 24, 2011

People often ask me what a reasonable price is for basic menswear alterations. This varies, of course, depending on the tailor, location and quality of work. Some tailors charge more because they do better work (which often takes more time), some because of greater overhead, some because they can. I surveyed our twitter followers for some idea of what they get charged, and put together this brief guide.

Trouser Hem (Plain): $8-15

Trouser Hem (Cuff): $10-25

Trouser Waist: $10-20

Taper Trousers: $20-35

Jacket Sleeves (Non-Functioning): $15-30

Jacket Sleeves (Functioning, altering from shoulder): $60-100

Jacket Sleeves (Cut Buttonholes, Finish Sleeves): $5-10 / buttonhole

Jacket Waist: $50-100

Reline Jacket: $75-125

Change Buttons: $1-3 Each

Shirt Waist Taken In: $10-20

Shirt Sleeves Shortened: $15-25 (on the higher end if moving sleeve placket to shorten more than ½" or so)

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