Why Are These People Mad Dogging Me?

May 11, 2012

Why are these people mad dogging me?

When I was in San Francisco the other day, I was riding the BART train to my mom’s house. Somewhere around the 16th & Mission statement, this couple started looking at me.

“Why are these people mad dogging me?” I thought. I was tempted to get up in their face, but instead, I tried to avoid eye contact. 18 years as a City kid taught me to avoid those kinds of confrontations unless absolutely necessary.

We got to my mom’s stop, 24th Street, and it turned out to be their stop, too.

I was behind them, and I noticed the woman was carrying an Archival Clothing musette.

“Oh.” I thought, a little embarassed. “They were probably just wondering if I was the Put This On guy.” The demographic to whom I am a public figure is narrow, but it definitely includes people carrying Archival Clothing bags. Felt kinda bad about that.


Our pals at Archival Clothing make beautiful, high-quality bags and clothes in simple, utilitarian designs. They’re a little expensive, but only because they’re made right, not because they’re taking a crazy designer mark-up. They’re having an odds-and-ends sale to ease their move into a new space, so if you’re in Oregon, you should definitely stop by May 18th. It’s at 445 Lincoln Street in Eugene, and will run from noon to seven. You might score a great deal. Or accidentally pick a fight.