Wool, Suede, And Waxed Cotton For Drizzly Days

September 30, 2015

Wool, Suede, and Waxed Cotton for Drizzly Days

Today’s the first day of fall rain here in San Francisco, which is much needed since California has been going through a record-breaking drought. For drizzly days like these, I like waxed cotton Barbours with woolly sweaters and hard wearing chinos. Not as protective as a full trench coat or mac, but light enough to keep the water off your back and sensible for when the clouds clear up. 

Arnold from The Armoury above is wearing his Barbour with a lambswool sweater, a washed denim shirt, some suede shoes, and a pair of selvedge cotton chinos. Lambswool, much like Shetland wool, is nice because it’s more textured than Merino and more affordable than cashmere. It’s also harder wearing, which is useful if you’re a bit rough on your clothes. The washed denim shirt here could also be swapped out for an oxford-cloth button-down, which would keep with the textured theme (I like the intersection where the woolly sweater, textured shirt, waxed cotton jacket, and ribbed corduroy collar all come together). To make your suede shoes a bit more weather resistant, lightly coat them with a waterproofer. Barring torrential downpours, that’ll allow you to stomp around outside all day without worrying about your feet getting wet. 

(photo via The Armoury’s Instagram)