Morning Dress, Gentlemen

November 28, 2010

Morning dress, gentlemen



Morning dress, gentlemen. We must revive the tradition of wearing this for weddings in America. Who’s with me?

I like the sentiment, but as a recently married dude I’m not on board.

My wedding was in the daytime, making morning dress appropriate. The reception was in the evening though, meaning a seperate kit would be needed.

I was already asking my groomsmen to spend a lot of money: flights, several nights of hotel, gifts, time off work, etc, in addition to $125 or so to rent a tuxedo since most of them did not own their own.  I would have felt prohibitively guilty asking them to rent not one but two different suits.

Or you could have the ceremony in the evening (say five or six), reception at night (say seven or eight). 

Or just wear relatively formal lounge suits. Generally speaking, this is the alternative I endorse. No shitty rentals, everyone looks sharp. It’s reasonable to expect grown men to own or buy a dark, solid suit. Provide wedding ties if you like. Boutonnieres can match the “wedding colors” if that’s a thing. The great advantage is that you don’t wear a tuxedo during the day like a farmer.  (OK, it’s not a perfect metaphor, but I got to link to my favorite line in 30 Rock history, so let’s call it a wash.)