Your Sunday Square: A Rayon Aquatic Scene

September 14, 2014

Your Sunday Square: A Rayon Aquatic Scene

Perhaps I’m inspired by the fact that my son is in the other room right now, watching The Little Mermaid, but this is one of my favorites in our shop. It’s a classic late 40s / early 50s color combination, though I suppose it’s possible that it’s a bit older than that.

I can’t begin to tell you how many hours I’ve spent at shows, with vintage fabric dealers and online searching for the perfect pieces of “cold” rayon for our squares. They call it cold rayon because of its cool, smooth hand, which makes it lovely for pocket squares. It hasn’t really been made like that since the 50s or so, when uber-cheap (and slightly gross) Dacron polyester started to replace it.

We’ve got more than a dozen rayon designs in our shop right now. They range from plain white dots on a burgundy ground to wild tropicals.

And how about this? Order something today, and you can use the code TROPICAL15 for 15 percent off anything. Take a look at what we’ve got on offer.

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