A Good Time For Americans To Shop Abroad

November 17, 2014

A Good Time for Americans to Shop Abroad

If you, like me, use dollars to trade for goods and services, you’re in luck. This year has been good to the American currency vs. the Euro, British Pound Sterling, and especially the Japanese Yen. The forecast for the value of our money isn’t clear, but on Friday, the dollar was at its strongest point vs the yen since 2007. Do I understand currency markets? Hell no. But I get “your dollar buys more.”

Potentially, then, now is a good time to shop from Japan, continental Europe, and the United Kingdom. Fire up those proxies and book your trips to Milan and London. Or just shop from stores like Frans Boone, Tres Bien, Nitty Gritty, Garbstore, The Bureau, or Skoaktiebolaget.


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