Paraboot Shoes

November 23, 2010

Paraboot shoes

A month or so ago, I was visiting a favorite thrift store and happened upon a pair of lightly-worn Paraboot shoes.  They weren’t my size, but I bought them anyway, hoping to pass them on to a good home.  When I had my big shoe sell-off a month or so ago, I did – selling them to a reader for about a hundred bucks.  He emailed me afterwards to tell me they were the best shoes he’d ever owned.  Frankly, I was jealous.

Then a StyleForum user posted a sale thread that featured a pair of the same shoes in my size.  The price was almost exactly what I’d gotten for the thrifted pair, so I bought them.  I’m delighted with my purchase.

Paraboot are among France’s best shoe manufacturers.  They use the Norweigan welt, which is a heavy welt typically used for hiking and outdoor boots.  It’s great advantage is its weatherproof nature, and these shoes, with sturdy rubber soles, will be great for what little ugly weather we get here in Los Angeles.  I think they’ll also work great with a sportcoat, particularly when traveling.

If you want to try some Paraboot shoes in the US, they can be a bit tough to find.  Check out Shoe Mart or Pediwear.

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