Affordable DoubleDuty Suits

August 11, 2016

Affordable DoubleDuty Suits

After our post yesterday about the DoubleDuty Suit – a dark, navy suit where the jacket can be worn as navy sport coat – a couple of readers messaged us about possible options on the affordable side of the price scale. 

The first is this one at SuitSupply, which has soft shoulders and patch pockets. The second is a coming new model at eHaberdasher (as part of their Benjamin line, which is our pal Aliotsy’s go-to for affordable tailored clothing). Both options look like they’d run you about $500, although the one at eHaberdasher has yet to hit online shelves. 

We haven’t handled either, but that’s the catch with DoubleDuty Suits. You never really quite know whether the suit jacket can be worn as a standalone sport coat until you actually try it on. Subtle things, such as the sheen and weight of the fabric, play a big role, so real-life handling is important. 

That said, both of those models seem like they’re worth a closer look. 

If you’re new to tailored clothing, it can be hard to know whether a suit jacket can be worn on its own (some of this takes a bit of experience to figure out). That’s where the stores we talked about yesterday can be helpful (No Man Walks Alone, The Armoury, Gentlemen’s Footwear, and Kent Wang). The guys who work there are knowledgeable and honest, but their prices points are also a little higher. If you’re just figuring this stuff out, follow the simple rule: if the fabric very silky, lightweight, and smooth, the jacket is probably best worn with matching suit trousers.