My Arrow Moccasins

November 10, 2009

my Arrow Moccasins

If you asked me what my favorite shoes were, I’d have to say my Arrow Moccasins.  Arrow is a family business, and they make their mocs the traditional way, by hand, in Hudson, Massachusetts.  My lace boots have withstood heavy wear on concrete over the past year, and I expect they’ll continue to be my go-to casual shoe for the next year.  Of course, if one of my soles wears out (they’re double-soled, of course), Arrow offers inexpensive re-soling.  My wife got so jealous of mine, she demanded I order her a pair.  Arrow is happy to take your order in person (they’ll cut your mocs to match your feet) or over the phone.  Call 978-562-7870 and listen for the sound of a friendly New Englander.