Cotton Socks On Sale At Dapper Classics

July 28, 2021

The other day, I pulled some socks out of my sock drawer and noticed that some have held up better over the years than others. I have socks from reputable European names such as Marcoliani and Bresciani, along with affordable brands such as Gold Toes. The Gold Toes, which were never that comfortable to wear in the first place, have aged poorly. Although they’re too thick to really develop holes, the color lost its luster quickly, and they sort of just looked ragged. Bresciani and Marcoliani’s wool over-the-calf socks have held up well. Dapper Classics’, however, have held up best, particularly in fine patterns.

I once asked Dapper Classics co-founder Fred Rich how the company makes socks that hold up so well. To be honest, he gave me a technical answer that went over my head. But whatever they do, their wool socks remain soft and sturdy, the cotton socks are breathable, and the patterns hold up surprisingly well in the wash. Whereas my pin-dot socks from Bresciani and Marcoliani — two brands that cost significantly more than Dapper Classics — all started to fuzz up after about a half dozen washes, Dapper Classics’ patterned socks mostly look the same as the day they arrived.

Until Friday, Dapper Classics is offering 30% off all of their cotton socks (use the code MLX21). These finely knitted socks are a Godsend in the summertime. They’re stretchy and breathable without being sheer. The Mercerized cotton is smooth and silky, and the material takes up color well.



If you mostly have wool socks in your sock drawer, and you live in a place where it gets hot in the summertime, and you wear tailored clothing, I encourage you to pick up a couple of these cotton socks (over-the-calf, please). They’re not inexpensive, even on sale, but they last for years and years. They are also much more comfortable than wearing wool socks when the weather reaches 90 degrees or above.

There are a few that I like. First, you can never go wrong with solid navy (except for when you’re wearing a black suit, in which case you should wear black socks). Solid navy, over-the-calf socks go with everything — trousers in grey, olive, blue, brown, you name it. Dapper Classics offers them in two shades (I prefer the lighter).

Once you have a few pairs in solid navy, you can start to branch out. Navy socks with discrete patterns, such as nailhead and pin dot, are equally versatile. They’re fun while still being tasteful. And while navy socks go with everything, it can be nice to get socks that match your trousers, as the color will help elongate your leg line. With something like tan or brown pants, you’ll want brown socks. With gray trousers, you can wear steel gray or nailhead socks.

I’m cautious about “fun socks,” but solid-colored, wool over-the-calf socks in unusual colors such as indigo can be surprisingly useful. That specific color goes well with navy pants and lighter-colored suits such as tan. It also echos the color of light blue shirts. Bruce Boyer marshalls these sorts of colors really well, pairing light blue socks with tan pants and purple socks with gray flannel. During election years and the Fourth of July, I like wearing Dapper Classics’ USA flag socks.

Note, Dapper Classics is a sponsor on this site, but this is not a sponsored post. I’m just a fan of the company. Our editorial policy is very straightforward