Dapper Classics Sale On Trousers

August 23, 2018

It’s a law of menswear physics that expensive things only get more expensive. There are rumors going around right now that Hertling — the Brooklyn-based factory that supplies trousers to many value-oriented brands — may be raising their wholesale prices soon. No word yet on the move, but one of their retail partners says their trousers will sell for closer to $300 in the future.

At the moment, however, Dapper Classics still has Hertling-made trousers ranging between $145 and $245. And until the end of today, you can take 25% off any trouser order with the checkout code TS25. That puts most of their pants at about $150 per pair.

Dapper Classics is a sponsor on this site, but we’re genuinely big fans of their trouser line. Their grey flannels came out on top in our five flannel trouser shootout. And we think they’re one of the best go-to sources for reasonably priced pants. They come in two cuts — slim and classic — and are made in the USA from quality materials. Their lambswools and flannels are nice for fall/ winter; linens and tropical wools for spring/ summer; and Super 100s and hopsacks good for year-round.

If you’re unsure of colors, get light gray, mid-gray, and tan if you’re looking for something versatile. Darker colors, such as navy, dark brown, and charcoal are a little harder to pair with sport coats unless you have light colored jackets, but they can be great with a casual button-up or sweater. I personally like how these taupe wool pants could work with almost anything — navy sport coats, dark brown tweeds, and even more casual outfits, such as a textured sweater layered under a suede jacket or slim charcoal topcoat.

Note: Dapper Classics is a sponsor on this site, but this isn’t a sponsored post. We don’t do that sort of stuff