Denim Therapy On Groupon

June 10, 2014

Denim Therapy on Groupon

Groupon has a deal right now for 50% off on Denim Therapy credits. You can buy $40 in store credit for $20, or $80 in store credit for $40. 

I’ve never used Denim Therapy before, but there are a number of good reviews for them on Superdenim (a forum for serious denim enthusiasts). You can use them for the kinds of repairs Pete and I have talked about, such as crotch blowouts, ripped buttonholes, or frayed cuffs. One thing to note – you may want to shop around for prices before you jump on the Groupon deal. Denim Therapy’s prices depend on what kind of damage you need repaired, while Self Edge’s “Darn It” service, on the other hand, charges a $40 flat fee. Depending on what you need done, you may find a better deal elsewhere.