Feiyue Shoes Are The People’s Sneaker Of China

November 12, 2009

Feiyue shoes are the people’s sneaker of China

Feiyue shoes are the people’s sneaker of China.  They were originally designed for use in martial arts, particularly Wushu, the swirling exhibition sport whose biggest star is Jet Li.  They’re made out of cardboard and bailing twine (I’m guessing, based on their price) and they have super grippy soles.

Some sweet things about these sneakers, a pair of which I bought and wore extensively this summer:

  1. When you wear them you feel like you can do awesome kicks.
  2. They are pretty cool looking.
  3. They feel great without socks.
  4. They cost $14.99.

According to Valet, someone’s bought the US rights to the brand and is releasing them in various styles with “Warrior,” which apparently is the English translation of Feiyu, on the side.  From the pictures, I only like the one which you can get for $14.99 from the martial arts store, anyway.

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