Q And Answer: Flip Flops

May 14, 2010

Q and Answer: Flip Flops

Brian writes: Wearing flip-flops is gross and looks childish; I know this, you know this. A lot of people, though, don’t know this! In 2010! The onset of warm weather has made this all-too-apparent. So I’m writing to ask that you please– because it doesn’t appear you have done this yet– tell everyone that flip-flops are not for adults. Urge them to wear shoes (skip the socks! I don’t care!), or some other type of sandal if they must. Of course, flip-flops at the beach and bye the pool are exceptions, no duh; that is literally their only purpose. But otherwise? No. And if it helps to rephrase this as a question for your Q&A: Aren’t flip-flops the worst?

Yeah, pretty much.

Beach or public shower: A-OK.  Anywhere else: No way.

If you really feel the need to wear something even more summery than sockless canvas sneakers, at least get some huaraches or espadrilles or something.  Yeesh.