How Does Suddenlee Work?

March 28, 2012

How Does Suddenlee Work?

After my post on Monday about Uniqlo’s sale, it seems many readers are confused about how Suddenlee works. Why did I link multiple websites? Will Suddenlee ship to any city? Why doesn’t Suddenlee list Uniqlo on their website? Why aren’t sale prices listed at Uniqlo? So on and so forth.

Suddenlee is pretty simple. It’s a proxy shopping service. You’re essentially paying someone to run around New York City, buy things for you, and ship you the merchandise. However, in order to do that, they have to know what you want. To tell them, you need to go to their website, drag their shopping button to your web browser’s bookmark bar (at the top of your browser, usually), and then go to whatever website you want to shop at. Once you find something you want, click the “add to Suddenlee” button you put on your bookmark bar, choose the size, color, and quantity, and Suddenlee’s team will go out and buy it for you. If there is a sale, you just need to tell them what’s the current sale price or they will adjust it down for you when completing your order (you’ll receive all the original receipts to verify all the correct prices were charged). Their front page has a video towards the bottom that better demonstrates how this works.

To answer your other questions: I listed multiple websites because Uniqlo has the annoying habit of not listing everything on their US website, even if it’s available in their NYC stores. That’s why I list the UK and Japanese sites as well. This will give you an idea of what the item looks like, and a way to communicate to Suddenlee what you want. Uniqlo also doesn’t list the sale prices on their website because they don’t have an e-commerce system. The prices are in-store only, but I’ve verified the prices with them, so you can manually key those in on your Suddenlee purchase. And yes, they’ll ship anywhere, but if you don’t live in the Northeast region of the US, you won’t get next day delivery.

Finally, as to why Suddenlee doesn’t list Uniqlo as one of the stores they service, it’s because they don’t officially service Uniqlo. However, since they’re a general proxy shopping service, they’ll shop anywhere in NYC for you, and that includes Uniqlo. Their service is perfect if you want to buy things at multiple stores and combine on shipping (thus saving money), if you need something quick (and you live in the Northeast), or if you want to buy something from a company that doesn’t have an ecommerce presence (like here with Uniqlo).

And that’s Suddenlee

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