It’s On Sale: 3sixteen Jeans

December 13, 2013

It’s On Sale: 3sixteen Jeans

3sixteen is having a sale tomorrow that will last throughout the weekend. Until the end of Sunday, you can take 10% off your entire order with the discount code THANKYOU. The discount isn’t big, but it’s hard to find their jeans on sale. Self Edge puts them on discount once or twice a year, usually at a percentage that matches the year. So in 2011, it was 11% off; 2012 was 12% off; this year was 13% off. You get the point. That should come in April or May of next year, and then again in October or November. Otherwise, there’s this. 

Note, 3sixteen has three cuts. SL is their slim straight-legged model (and, for what it’s worth, is what I wear). ST is their slim tapered design, while CS stands for classic straight and is cut similar to Levis’ 1947 501s. The numbers that come after their letters stand for the different fabrics they use. 

3sixteen’s prices have been steadily rising the past few years, but if you can afford them, they do fade pretty beautifully. Above is a pair from Luke J Moss

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