It’s On Sale: Aldens And Other Things At Roden Gray

May 17, 2016

It’s on Sale: Aldens and Other Things at Roden Gray

I really like browsing Canadian shops like Haven and Roden Gray online–they carry some offbeat lines and take good photos. But Canadian shops give me serious sticker shock before I realize that at current exchange rates, the U.S. dollar price is about 20% lower than the listed Canadian dollar price. Phew. That Elder Statesman tie dye t-shirt isn’t $600! It’s only $460. 

Right now Roden Gray has a lot of stuff from recent seasons on discount, including sought-after, but pricy and tiny, nonnative clothing; a number of nice summer-y shirts from Gitman; and whatever the hell it is Thom Browne is doing these days. The standout deals to me are on some of their Alden makeups, including the 404 kudu workboot, which looks to be about 300USD (before shipping–about $15 to the United States). (I don’t own 404s, but consensus is to size down a half from your standard dress shoe size on Alden’s Trubalance last, so if you usually wear a 10, you’d take a 9.5.) They also have the regular Indy boot for the same price, a significant markdown from regular retail of $500 plus, and some other versatile models like the straight tip blucher in black. Not all the prices are marked as sale prices, so I’m not sure whether RG will consider these final sale.

You can’t order Alden directly online from Roden Gray, you need to contact them.