It’s On Sale: Allen Edmonds’ Factory Second Closeouts

March 6, 2013

It’s On Sale: Allen Edmonds’ Factory Second Closeouts

With the new spring arrivals on the way, Allen Edmonds is looking to make space at their outlet store in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Now through March 10th, you can pick any two factory second closeouts for $250. To order, call their Brookfield store at (262) 785-6666. You can either ask what models are available in your size and they’ll email you a list, or you can inquire about any specific model you see on their website

As we’ve mentioned before, factory seconds are typically shoes that didn’t pass the quality control process. The “damage” is usually incredibly minor (such as a nick at the heel or something), and often things you can’t even find when inspecting the shoe.

Included in their sale is their Amok, a suede unlined chukka that’s somewhat similar to Alden’s 1494. The main difference is the shoe shape. Whereas Alden’s is a bit wider and rounder, the toe box on the Allen Edmonds is slightly more narrow and elongated. Being unlined, this is a fairly nice, soft, flexible shoe for $125, and would wear well in the coming summer months. 

Addendum: A friend of mine, Oliver, reminded me that Allen Edmonds is offering $35 credit for any used pair of shoes you donate. You can find the details of the program here. I’m unsure if this promotion applies to factory second closeouts, but you can call to check. 

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