It’s On Sale: Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Shirts

April 3, 2013

It’s On Sale: Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Shirts

It’s rare you find an oxford-cloth button-down collar dress shirt in green these days, at least in the heavy fabric that Brooks Brothers uses, of which I’m a fan. The mint-toned shirt from their Thom Browne-designed line is currently on sale for $78 (down from $195) along with many other Black Fleece dress shirts, which all seem to be 60% off at the moment.

I think the shirt would look great for spring and summer under a seersucker or beige linen jacket. Sadly, my too-long arms don’t work well with Thom Browne’s sizing, but those of you with more normal or shorter proportions should check out what’s available.

The shirts feature mother-of-pearl buttons and all appear to be made in the U.S.A., unlike the majority of Brooks Brothers shirts these days. If they fit you, I think they’re a decent deal considering they’re $10 cheaper than the price of what Brooks Brothers retails their dress shirts.