It’s On Sale: Brooks Brothers Shoes

January 7, 2013

It’s On Sale: Brooks Brothers Shoes

Even after their semi-annual sale has finished, there are a few worthwhile items sitting in the Brooks Brothers sale section, particularly in their footwear. 

These Peal & Co. plain-toe bluchers are $264 (down from $528) and will work nicely as an in-between shoe for when you’re not wearing something fully casual, nor fully formal. Plus, the sale price makes them cheaper than Allen Edmonds and you’re getting a made-in-England shoe with a Goodyear welt.

Also, there’s a trio of Rancourt & Co. beefroll penny loafers on sale for $149 (down from $298) in tan, navy and green. They’re made in Maine and from Horween leather and the sale price make them cheaper than if you’d bought them directly from Rancourt themselves.