It’s On Sale: Dapper Classics Trousers

March 29, 2017

It’s On Sale: Dapper Classics Trousers

One of our sponsors, Dapper Classics, is having a really great sale today. Take 30% off select trousers with the checkout code 17TS. That brings the price down from about $225 a pair to roughly $157. 

The trousers are made in New York City by the same manufacturer who produces for a number of popular brands (think: the ones that get mentioned any time someone talks about well-made trousers online). They come in both slim and classic fits – with the slim one being more on the classic side of things (rather than skinny). And there’s still a full size run on basic staples, such as grey flannel, which you can wear with almost anything. 

At $157, this is about the best we’ve seen for tailored trousers. Part of the reason why pants are so expensive is because wool costs a lot of money (roughly $30-40/ meter at its cheapest, assuming you’re using decent textiles). That means on raw materials alone – trimmings, interlining, fabrics, etc. – a pair of good trousers will run ~$60 in just production costs. Add to that labor, shipping, and a bit for profit margins, and it’s hard to sell pants nowadays for less than $200 (unless you’re using cotton). 

Note, the sale ends today. And while Dapper Classics is a sponsor here, this isn’t a sponsored post. We have simple editorial policies