It’s On Sale: Everything At ASW & The Hanger Project

November 9, 2015

It’s On Sale: Everything at ASW & The Hanger Project

Fans of A Suitable Wardrobe, rejoice! The Hanger Project announced over the weekend that they’ve acquired the company and will be re-publishing ASW’s blog archive at Will, the founder of ASW, will also be blogging again on a regular basis, as well as staying on as an advisor to The Hanger Project for their overall strategic and seasonal buys. Good news for fans of ASW’s blog, as well as Will’s taste in classic clothing. Over the next few weeks or so, The Hanger Project will also be migrating ASW’s store inventory to their site. 

To celebrate the news, The Hanger Project is holding a 20% off sale on everything at their site and ASW. Some notable items:

To receive the discount, use the checkout code KAHPASW. If the code doesn’t work on your browser, you can also email with your invoice number and they’ll refund 20% of the total. Offer is good until the end of November 9th. 

Disclosure: The Hanger Project is a sponsor of Put This On. However, this post is not paid promotion. Our editorial policies can be read here.