It’s On Sale: Jeans And Things Related

June 20, 2014

It’s On Sale: Jeans and Things Related

Two denim sales worth noting:

  • The first one is at Self Edge, where you can take 14% off your order with the checkout code JeanFinder. As usual, the discount percentage matches the year (so in 2013, it was 13% off, and this year it’s 14% off), which means if you’re looking for something half off, you’ll have to wait a long time. On the upside, while the discount isn’t deep, the stock is excellent. Lots of great jeans from brands such as 3sixteen, Flat Head, and Stevenson Overall Co. I also like their heavy flannel shirts from Flat Head, Iron Heart, and Sugar Cane. 
  • Second, our advertiser Gustin is holding a grab bag sale for one day only tomorrow. Jeans will be $75 and shirts will be $65. You can specify your size and fit, and all orders will ship immediately, but you won’t know what you’ll get. The upside? The stock is mostly indigo – although there are also some black, grey, and brown jeans in there – so at least you know you won’t get something that will be hard to wear. 

Lastly, this is probably a good of time as any to play Neil Young’s “Forever in Blue Jeans.”

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