It’s On Sale: Reebok’s Dad Sneakers

September 18, 2017

It’s On Sale: Reebok’s Dad Sneakers

There’s nothing like nostalgia to lure you into making some questionable style decisions. Reeboks have long been considered dad-shoes – just a step below the Air Monarchs, they embody everything that was said last year about those terrible Curry 2s. Reeboks are the true Shuffleboard Lows. The “Can I Speak with Your Manager” 7s. The “Let Me Use My Diner Card” 5s. 

At the same time, along with dad hats and dad jeans, they’ve also become somewhat popular again. You can find Reeboks now at leading menswear boutiques such as End, Notre Shop, and the very fashion forward SSENSE. Gosha Rubchinskiy has some collaborations with the brand. Kanye’s Calabasas looks an awful lot like Reebok’s Workouts. 

Frankly, I also just kind of like them. Maybe not in head-to-toe dad-style – keep these away from straight-legged, washed jeans – but in the ways Oi Polloi has styled them above They go well with the sort of easy-going, contemporary streetwear the store specializes in. 

They’re still admittedly questionable, but I find myself thinking about getting a pair every few months. On the upside, they company’s better models also on sale right now at a few places, which makes the purchase a touch safer. Some notables: