It’s On Sale: Shoes, Ties, And Socks

November 5, 2014

It’s On Sale: Shoes, Ties, and Socks

Elm & Khan is continuing to mark down their remaining inventory. Everything is on sale, with an additional 30% taken off at checkout if you use the discount code SWANSONG30. You can apply it to Carmina shoes, Sorley knit ties, and Sozzi socks. The order just has to be $150 or more. 

They’re also planning to increase the discount by 10% every week. So, next Thursday (November 13th), you can take an extra 40% off with the checkout code SWANSONG40. And the Thursday after that (November 20th), 50% off with the code SWANSONG50. Possibly a great time to get some Carmina shoes for a very good price, especially if you wear a less-than-popular size. 

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