It’s On Sale: Stuff At CEGO

June 1, 2016

It’s On Sale: Stuff at CEGO

Our friend Carl over at CEGO makes great custom shirts. In fact, we not only featured him in season one of our webseries (where Carl talks about how a shirt should fit), Jesse is also one of his customers. Nice upside for me: that means I can buy Jesse perfect fitting dress shirts every Christmas. 

This week, CEGO is having a sample sale. Lots of great stuff discounted to rock bottom prices (some up to 90% off). A preview:

  • Ready-to-wear shirts, regularly priced between $125 and $250, now available between $20 and $80. Carl tells me there are lots of shirts in sizes small and medium. 
  • Misfits and try-on sample shirts between $10 and $40. 
  • Cotton and linen pocket squares for just $10. 
  • Crocodile belts and shirt jackets, regularly priced at $250, now just $75. 
  • Also lots of cufflinks, belts, and boxer shorts. Oh, and a linen painter’s jacket. As deeply discounted as the items mentioned above. 

For those in NYC, you can visit the sample sale at 254 Fifth Avenue (3rd floor). The office is located between 28th and 29th Street. Hours: Thursday, June 2nd between 11am and 8pm (with beer and snacks after 5:30); Friday, June 3rd between 10am and 7pm; and then Saturday, June 4th between 10am and 4pm. 

For questions, call or email CEGO

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