It’s On Sale: Stuff At LL Bean

October 13, 2014

It’s On Sale: Stuff at LL Bean

LL Bean is having a 10% off sale that ends today. The discount doesn’t sound big, but this is as big as LL Bean’s sales get. Couple it with free shipping and a lifetime guarantee on all their products (i.e. you can return anything at any time if you’re dissatisfied), and I think you have some pretty good deals. Some notable items:

  • Obviously, LL Bean’s duck boots. They admittedly feel a bit like yesterday’s news now that menswear has moved on from prep, but I still think they look great. I wear mine with Barbour coats and jeans whenever it rains. Just be sure to search around for sizing advice. I have the non-Thinsulate ones and had to go a full size down. 
  • Among LL Bean’s slimmer fitting Signature line, I also like this barn coat. I wish it were lined in the sleeves, so I could slip in and out of mine easily, but for $134 with the discount, this is an amazing value. Unfortunately, sizes are limited, so if you need a different size, you could also check the company’s mainline. Just consider sizing down, as some of the mainline stuff fits full. 
  • There’s this yellow trail jacket, which I talked about in an old post. $71 after the discount, which isn’t too shabby. Again, just be sure to size down. For something already slim fitting, check this Signature line alternative. The olive color is arguably more wearable, and it’s even cheaper at $45. 
  • Lots and lots of chamois shirts in both mainline and Signature. Wear one open and layered over a t-shirt, and channel some of that 1970s mountain biker look that Pete talked about
  • Kind of random, but I really like LL Bean’s bedding. Like much of the company’s stuff, I think it’s a solid value, especially on sale. 

To get the discount, use the code FALL10 at checkout. Also note that the code expires today. 

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