It’s On Sale: Stuff At Unionmade

April 28, 2017

It’s On Sale: Stuff at Unionmade

One of our favorite shops, Unionmade, is having a three-day mid-season sale right now. Take 20% off almost any thing sitewide with the checkout code BRINGONSUMER. The only brands that are excluded: Alden, Birkenstock, Converse, and Aesop. Everything else is fair game. 

Some of my favorite brands at their shop, with ad-hoc descriptions:

  • Barbanera: Italian footwear company with some great slip-ons this season, such as leather wovens you see above. Pretty pricey, however, even with the promo code. 
  • Blue Blue Japan: For guys who can’t enough of indigo. Some of this stuff fits very slim, so considering sizing up. (The dark blue field coat pictured above is from Blue Blue Japan)
  • Chimala: Japanese workwear company with looser fits and, at times, pre-distressed detailing. Sort of like the old workwear you’d pull out of a vintage shop. 
  • Eidos: Antonio Ciongoli, the designer behind this brand, once said he tries to design clothes that look good, but are “dumb, easy reaches.” I think that’s a perfect description for Eidos. The style has a mix of Italian and American influences, but it’s easy to wear for almost anyone.
  • Golden Bear: Those new vachetta leather jackets look pretty good, including the double rider pictured above. The lighter color here will darken with age and use. (Think of the handles on Louis Vuitton purses. Those are made from the same kind of leathers). 
  • Grei: This feels like the kind of stuff you’d find at a fancy NYC clothing boutique. A bit cold and serious in terms of design, but very chic. 
  • Kapital: Want to look like a wandering hobo hippie in a post-apocalyptic world? I do too! This brand isn’t for the timid, but it’s so damn fun to wear. If you haven’t already, check out the movie they put together, which shows how they shoot their famous lookbooks. 
  • Levi’s Vintage Clothing: Re-released clothes from Levi’s extensive archive.
  • Quoddy: You already know about them. Made in Maine, classic styles, easy with jeans. 
  • Tender: Purposely “anti-fit,” which means the clothes are intentionally cut a bit wonky. Garments are often colored in natural dyes, which give them a beautiful, earthy color. Good with fatigues for a relaxed “home gardener” look. For a similar brand, check out Older Brother. 
  • Tomorrowland: Bought a pair of pants from them last season and a friend, who lives in Japan, says Tomorrowland is where all the office ladies shop. Cozy Japanese office lady in a robe coat and holding a tea thermos sounds like my ideal style inspo though.  
  • ts(s): A bit like Engineered Garments in that it’s youthful and contemporary takes on workwear. 

Note, Unionmade runs all sales as final, meaning you can’t return any discounted items. Be sure of your size before buying (I find their customer service team to be very helpful). 

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