It’s On Sale: Summer Stuff At Sid Mashburn

June 29, 2018

The more I shop at Sid Mashburn, the more I like it. Their Atlanta retail store is maybe the most tasteful shop I’ve ever been in. Perfect light, perfect rugs, perfect music (and pretty nice clothes)–so curated it almost makes me angry. And the website is as pleasant a shopping experience as I’ve had online.  Also, a lot of stuff is on sale right now, for 25% off. Check out the house label tuxedo or sportcoats, house label shirts, this cool Aspesi polo, accessories from Petronious and Post Imperial, trousers like these brown frescos (some are Hertling, look for US-make), basic 501s dyed in house, shell cordovan Edward Green loafers (!), and Sid brand sneakers, among many other items nicely organized by color.


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