It’s On Sale: TM Lewin Shirts

August 18, 2013

It’s On Sale: TM Lewin Shirts

I was just taking a look at TM Lewin’s clearance section and admiring how many good, basic shirts are available for $32 a piece. In slim fit, barrel cuff options alone, there are:

  • Dress stripes in dark and medium blue. These would go well with solid colored jackets, just to help break up the monotony. 
  • Solid blue shirts in 100% cotton and a cotton/ linen blend. The second has the advantage of being a bit more breathable during the summer, but has a little bit of cotton in case you don’t want to go full-wrinkle. 
  • Some casual shirts in a blue/ pink stripe and a light blue gingham. Depending on how casual your work environment is, you could also wear these to the office. 

I’ve bought TM Lewin shirts in the past and think they’re a great value for the money. If you get them and don’t like them, they have a pretty easy return policy, where they pay for the return shipping. 

Note, you have to buy four shirts in order to take advantage of the $32 price. Otherwise, these run $39 a piece. Be sure to budget $15 or so for tailoring, as almost everything off-the-rack – especially shirts, suits, and sport coats – needs a bit of alterations after-purchase. 

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