It’s On Sale: Viberg Sample Sale

June 29, 2014

It’s On Sale: Viberg Sample Sale

Viberg is holding a sample sale tomorrow. Viberg, for those unfamiliar, is a Canadian workboot manufacturer with a long, long history. Recently, they made a small spin-off from their regular line, which consists of more “fashionable” workboots for the style-conscious crowd. Lots of service boots, mainly, although they also have a range of other styles (hiking boots, Engineer boots, etc). 

Full retail on these is expensive, with most starting around $750 for calf and suede, and $1,100 for shell cordovan (the shell service boots you see above sold out in 45 seconds after they were released). No details yet on what the sample prices might be, but last time they did this, shoes were as low as $350. The sample sale will be held in three parts, with the first part starting tomorrow, 12 noon PST, at Viberg’s site

Before buying, you might want to acquaint yourself with Viberg’s sizing and lasts. You can use this StyleForum thread as a resource (the search feature is helpful). I find that in their 2030 last, I need to size down a full size (so instead of a 9, I take an 8). There’s some debate, however, as lots of people prefer sizing down only half a size. For what it’s worth, I’m a medium/ D-width fitting. 

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