Great Example Of What To Start With

November 22, 2010

Great example of what to start with


I have pretty much the above & then the same in dark brown.

After this, then start with rep stripes & paisleys..

Something that it took me a long time to realize was how important the basic basic necktie is.  That’s why I’m such a big advocate of solid grenadine ties.  Easy to wear, beautiful, go with anything, very classy.  You should buy yourself a (non-satin) navy blue and black tie in a textured weave with no or incredibly simple (white) ornamentation.  Add something in brown… something in dark red.  If you have to spend good money on them, do so.  These will be the basis of your wardrobe for ten or twenty years.  They’ll allow you to wear any shirt and any jacket, no matter what the colors or patterns.  If you need a source, try Kent Wang or Sam Hober.