Not all grenadine ties are solid-colored

August 15, 2011

Not All Grenadine Ties Are Solid-colored

Not all grenadine ties are solid-colored, as demonstrated by this beautiful vintage Polo number found by a Styleforum member. Gorgeous!

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Nine Solid Ties & How to Wear Them

July 28, 2011

Nine Solid Ties & How To Wear Them

For the elegantly dressed man, a solid necktie can be an elegant way to ground a complex shirt, jacket, or…

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February 6, 2011


thisfits: For dieworkwear: Perhaps ironic in regards to Economic Development since this was taken at a ceremony for divesting from…

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Great example of what to start with

November 22, 2010

Great Example Of What To Start With

mostexerent: I have pretty much the above & then the same in dark brown. After this, then start with rep…

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