On Randolph Engineering

June 9, 2011

I have to admit that I’ve always been an American Optical man when it comes to aviator sunglasses. They go for as cheap as $35 or $40 on eBay, and they’re made to the same military specs as Randolph Engineering (they had the contract themselves for a time).

A story like this, though, is pretty impressive. Dave read Derek’s post about RE and writes us:

You had a post about Randolph Engineering the other day.  Well, my grandfather was a career Air Force pilot, and when he passed away my dad gave me his aviators.  They were great except the nose piece was broken.  I tried taking them to a few eyeglass shops to fix them with no luck.  I eventually figured out they were Randolph Engineering glasses so I contacted the company.  They were unfortunately unable to fix the nose piece, but entirely unexpectedly they sent me a brand new pair in the mail.  They’re now the only sunglasses I wear and they are identical in every way (except the nosepieces apparently) to my grandfather’s pair, which must have been forty years old.

So, anyway, I think pretty highly of those guys.

That’s pretty impressive.