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July 13, 2018

Put This On is made possible thanks to the support of our sponsors. They help us keep the lights on, so twice a month, we like to give them a special shoutout. It allows us to show our appreciation, as well as check in with their latest happenings.

Most readers know that sweaters should be folded, not hung (doing so stretches out your knits). But suits and sport coats also benefit from having special attention. Unlike more casual garments, there’s a lot of work that goes into the shoulders and chest of your tailored jackets — haircloth, canvas, wadding, and the stitching that holds everything together. If you hang your jackets on thin wire hangers, the shoulders can get distorted, which then ruins the shape of your jackets on down. To prevent this, our advertiser The Hanger Project sells specialty hangers with flared out shoulders, which mimics the shape of your own shoulders and ensures that your garments keep their three-dimensional shape. You can read a review of their hangers at Tutto Fatto a Mano, which is run by the head tailor and patternmaker at Hickey Freeman.



Proper Cloth specializes in made-to-measure shirts, but along with all the options you could want for the office, they also have more casual fabrics for the weekend. This week, they just reintroduced their Katazome Collection. These designs are based on traditional indigo Katazome style fabrics from Japan. Originally, Katazome prints were handmade by stenciling a cloth with rice paste and then painting the cloth in natural indigo. Once the fabric was dyed, the rice paste would be rinsed away to reveal incredibly detailed prints. These prints would gain more character over time as the indigo faded. Proper Cloth has replicated the look with intricately detailed, washed blue shirtings, which you can make into any style of button-up you want. Oh, and later this month, they’re debuting their first ever, online made-to-measure suit and sport coat program, bringing their shirtmaking experience to a broader range of tailored goods. You can sign up on their site to get first notice when the program is introduced.



Chipp is an old Ivy era clothier who’s dressed the likes of JFK and Andy Warhol, and since they’ve been around the New York garment trade forever, they also have access to some of the city’s best tailors. If you’re in NYC, they can make you a custom garment, but for shoppers online, they also have both ready-made to custom-order accessories. Their standard ties, for example, measure 3.25″ x 58″, but they can also shorten, lengthen, widen, or narrow ties for just $10. To place an order, go to their site and order one of the 60″ or 62″ ties. Then in the comment section, specify exactly what you want (say, a 3″ x 60″ tie). Turnaround time for custom orders is two weeks. And like everything Chipp sells, these are fully made in NYC.



If you’re up for something a little wilder this summer, Dapper Classics is giving away a free pair of exploded-check houndstooth socks with any order of three or more regularly priced socks. The socks are navy and cream, and have red tipping. Like all of Dapper Classics’ socks, these are made in the USA on old knitting machines, and they come with hand-linked toes so you don’t feel that bump from a toe seam. Dapper Classics is also finalizing their new catalog this month, where they’ll feature a wide range of new styles in three fabrics – cotton, wool, and cashmere.



Luxire has gotten a lot of attention with online style enthusiasts over the years. Being based in Bangalore and having a team of tailors means they can make (and replicate) almost anything. People often send in photos or sample garments, or choose from the dozens of styles offered on Luxire’s website, and have things produced to their measurements. See a pair of trousers with a unique closure on Instagram? Luxire can make it. Have a favorite shirt you want copied, but in a different material? Luxire can make it. Want a safari jacket? Luxire can make that too. You can read a recent review of the company at Permanent Style.



Lastly, our thanks to Huckberry. They’re having their Summer Sale event this week, which is their biggest markdown of the season. Over in their sale section, you can find SeaVees sneakers starting at $50, Penfield Aloha shirts for $50, Taylor Stitch shorts for $50, and Topo Designs briefcases for $100. Unlike other sale sections this time of year, Huckberry’s still has a surprisingly good range of sizes.

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