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January 17, 2019

We wouldn’t be able to do Put This On without our sponsors. They help us keep the lights on. So, to thank them for their support, we like to give them a special shoutout once every two weeks and update readers on our sponsors’ latest happenings.

Winter sales are in full swing and The Hanger Project has some cold-weather sweaters and accessories marked down by 10%. That includes scarves from Begg, one of Scotland’s premier makers. Their cashmere scarves come in a fine, slightly looser weave in what Begg calls their Wispy model. It’s a generously sized scarf that will add drape and volume to the v-area of your overcoats. The Hanger Project also has marked-down sweaters from Inis Meain, one of the best knitwear producers on the Aran Islands. Their “Celebration” sweater is modeled after something people on the island once wore for their Sunday best. It’s made from a mix of merino wool and cashmere, has an incredibly soft hand, and features just enough visual interest that it could be worn under a causal jacket or on its own with jeans.



Custom tailors aren’t known to do lookbooks, those are more for ready-to-wear labels, but Proper Cloth drops one or two every season just to keep customers inspired. Their shirts are available in both made-to-measure and made-to-order services (the first means the measurements are cut for your body; the second comes in a standard fit, but the shirts are still made to your specifications in terms of fabric and details). They also have MTO suits and sport coats, as well as ready-made casualwear.

So why do a lookbook?  Mostly to show their customers how certain outfits can be put together and how some of their new shirt fabrics look when they’re made up into actual button-ups. This week, they dropped their Oak Point Loft lookbook, which is full of steely grays and cold blues, both in the form of casual button-up ensembles, tailored clothing, and dressed down bomber and knitted outfits. Setting aside how the shoot showcases some of Proper Cloth’s more popular items, it’s also a good way to see how you can dress in just blues and grays this winter.



Paul over at Chipp Neckwear tells us there will be a small price increase for his grenadine neckties next month. This is because he’s facing higher prices on labor and imported Italian silks. If you want to order now, however, and find that the tie you want is out of stock, he says he can create a back order on file at the current price. Just contact him through his website.

Grenadine, as many readers know, is often heralded as the most versatile necktie you can own. The material is known for its honeycomb texture. In solid colors, such as the ones you’ll find at Chipp, they help anchor patterned suit and sport coat ensembles. At the same time, their unique texture lends visual interest to plainer outfits. Get them in basic dark colors — navy and black are good starting points. After that, burgundy, dark green, and brown can also be useful.



Dapper Classics is having their biggest sale ever. At the moment, you can knock an additional 40% off already discounted prices with the checkout code 19WS. That puts some of their trousers, including the tan tropical wool ones pictured above, just a little north of $100. As long time readers know, these are made in Brooklyn’s Hertling factory, which is renowned for their pants. Hertling-made pants are usually offered somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 (although, recent price hikes on Hertling’s own site suggest they may be going up to $400). Dapper Classics’ tropical wool trousers can be worn three months out of the year (good for all but the coldest of days), while their hopsack may be better suited for year-round use.



You can also find some discounted items in Ledbury’s sale section. At the moment, you can take an additional 30% off already marked-down prices when you go to checkout (the discount is applied automatically). Of course, you can expect there to be plenty of button-up shirts, which are Ledbury’s specialty. But also included are some marled yarn sweaters in crewneck varieties. Those will be good for tucking underneath casual field jackets and sport coats. Their button mock-neck sweaters, on the other hand, are better suited to wearing on their own and the stand-up collar can help frame your face. Cotton chinos, in both five-pocket and cleanly tailored designs, start at just $75. Wool scarves, including the one you see above, are a little less.



We were told this information is under embargo (that’s press-speak for “don’t talk about this until so-and-so date”). But with a little convincing, Jack over at Rowing Blazers agreed to letting us give our readers a sneak peek at what will be their latest collection. Next Thursday, they’re dropping a new collaboration with Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, a legendary institution that has made its mark in the worlds of literature, music, art, politics – and of course drinking. Established in 1911, Harry’s New York Bar is the birthplace of the Bloody Mary, the Side Car, the French 75, and a long list of other iconic cocktails. We can’t yet say what will be included in the collection, but … there will be a lambswool golf sweater that’s famously associated with the bar’s manager. Check back with Rowing Blazers next week for more info.

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