Our Beloved Sponsors

April 13, 2018

Our Beloved Sponsors

We’re proud to be able to operate as an independent menswear blog. So, twice a month, we like to thank our sponsors for their support. It allows us to show our appreciation, as well as say a little something about what’s going on with them.

The Hanger Project is all about helping the well-dressed take care of their clothes. And this week, they’ve introduced their new line of wall-mounted tie organizers and hangers. Made from solid hardwood in Dallas, Texas, each organizer can be easily customized with different combinations of wood and hardware — cherry, bubinga, walnut, and maple for the woods, then four different metals for the finishing. Hanging up your ties this way helps shed their wrinkles, ensuring they look as good as new the next day.

If you have a hard time finding your size off-the-rack, Proper Cloth has a full range of customizable sport coats. They’re not quite made-to-measure like the company’s dress shirts, but the come in a huge range of size options — from 32 to 64, with short, regular, and long lengths available. The sport coats are made with a natural soft shoulder and canvassed construction, with the exterior fabrics being woven by some of Italy’s most renowned mills. Prices start at $495.

While every clothing company seems to raise their prices with each passing season, Chipp has steadily kept their prices low for years. Their neckties are made in NYC, for example, but cost about a third of their competitors (the exterior silks are sourced from the same top-end mills, too). Recently, however, they’ve had to absorb some new costs for fabrics and labor, so next month, they’re doing a rare price increase — grenadines are going from $55 to $60, then ancient madders from $67.50 to $75. Not a huge jump, but if you’re thinking about picking something up, now is the time. Chipp never holds sales, so these will be their lowest prices ever.




Few things ruin a tailored outfit more than seeing someone’s bare leg when they sit down. That’s why it’s useful to have some over-the-calf socks to go with tailored trousers. Dapper Classics makes them from fine cottons and wools, which are designed to stay up on your leg and feel comfortable throughout the day. They come in a huge range of colors and designs, but if you’re looking for the most versatile, start with solid navy. Those can be worn with everything except black suits (for which you’ll want black socks).

Finally, our thanks to Huckberry. They have a rotating inventory of discounted goods, much of which is aimed at active guys with an outdoorsy lifestyle. This week, they’ve put up some new printed cotton, vacation-style shirts from Penfield (including a navy palm-leaf print one that can be worn with field jackets from the same line); full-grain leather boots from Rancourt; and breathable rain jackets from Autan to help you stay dry from those unexpected spring showers.

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