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June 11, 2018

Twice a month, we like to give our sponsors a special shoutout. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, so this gives us an opportunity to thank them for their support. Plus, it allows us to catch our readers up on our sponsors’ latest happenings.

Our first sponsor, The Hanger Project, is offering a storewide discount of 25% with the checkout code DAD2018, but the promo ends today at midnight. Along with having the widest online selection of high-end shoe care products, they also carry fine cufflinks and aromatic personal fragrances; hats, gloves, and scarves; and a range of accessories made from centuries-old Russian reindeer, rescued from a sunken ship off the coast of England’s Plymouth Sound. The New York Times had a story about the rescue years ago, and you can find The Hanger Project’s select accessories made from the leather on their site.



Custom tailoring is most often associated with business clothes, but you can also use Proper Cloth’s online made-to-measure shirt services to design more casual button-ups. Their massive selection of fabrics includes everything from poplins to prints, and this week, they’ve just added some open-weave, brightly colored Madras fabrics, specially made for them in India. To design a casual shirt, start with the fabric and then move on to the details. Proper Cloth has options for short sleeves and shorter shirttails, which they’ve predesigned so you can wear your shirt untucked. If you want to make your shirt look more causal still, you can add things such as a chest pocket and button-down collar. The company guarantees a perfect fit, as well as free remakes for first-time customers (so they can dial-in on your measurements).



Chipp is one of the most affordable sources for American-made neckties and suspenders. Being an old Ivy Era clothier who dressed the likes of JFK, they have their own workshop in New York City, where they sew custom-made suits and sport coats. And for online customers, they also offer a range of neckties and suspenders, each customizable with different details and sizes (ties can be adjusted by length and width, for example). Along with their wide range of grenadines, which are made from the same Italian silks used by their competitors, they also have some slubby Matka ties designed for summer. The rust one, pictured above, can be worn with more casual suits and sport coats in linen, cotton, and tropical wool. Like textured wool ties in the fall, they help add a bit of visual interest to a tailored outfit.



Dapper Classics is in the final two-days of their Father’s Day promotion. From now until the end of Tuesday, you can knock up to 25% off your order, depending on how much you spend (see their homepage for details). That promotion applies to their line of Herling-made tailored trousers, which are specially made for them in Brooklyn from fabrics typically only available to bespoke tailoring customers (such as Minnis Fresco). In the last week or so, Dapper Classics has added a ton of new summer trousers to their inventory — including some made from pure linen, linen blends, and Super 100 wools. These come with a mid-rise and slim leg line, and with the promotion, they come down to about $146 per pair.



Luxire is our newest sponsor. They’re popular on StyleForum for being an affordable, online custom tailor that can essentially make anything you want — trousers with unusual waistband closures, casual dress shirts, and outerwear of nearly any kind (including the belted safari pictured above). Their operation is based in India, which is how they’re able to keep costs down, but they also use high-end materials sourced from around the world (often fabrics milled in Europe). The combination of affordable custom tailoring and quality materials has attracted many online style enthusiasts, who send Luxire photos of things they’d like to have made, which then gets produced to their measurements. You can see some of their recent commissions on their Instagram page.



Finally, our thanks to Huckberry. If you’re looking for a last-minute Father’s Day present, they have a gift guide that’s full of ideas — Leatherman tools, Reyn Spooner baseball-print shirts, Victory Sportswear retro-style running sneakers, Billykirk leather tool bags, and more. They also have some outdoor grill supplies for dear old Dad.

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