Our Beloved Sponsors

November 17, 2014

Our Beloved Sponsors

A big thanks to our sponsors this month, each of which have something new going on. 

The Hanger Project just got some new garment brushes in. Garment brushes, if you’re unfamiliar, are one of the gentler (but still effective) ways of cleaning your clothes. Suits and sport coats, for example, should be cleaned with garment brushes at home, rather than frequently dry cleaned. The Hanger Project’s brushes are made in Italy out of Makassar Ebony and Ovangkol woods, and they feature different kinds of bristles that are ideal for different types of material. 

Gustin is launching some new sport coats this week. Like with everything they do, these will be offered in a variety of fabrics and be made here in the USA. The jackets feature four patch pockets and a slightly shorter length for a more casual feel. Gustin has styled them above with their jeans, chinos, and shirts, which you can also order online. 

Next, Proper Cloth just put up some new neckties. Made in Italy, these are designed to be a bit more fun than your traditional business neckwear. The fabrics are wool and cashmere, and the ties feature untipped, rolled edges or frayed ends. They’ve also just put up some cashmere beanies, and have added some new Thomas Mason fabrics to their shirting line-up (including are some washed denims and plaids). 

Lastly, Ledbury just released some new winter scarves and plaid flannel shirtings. The scarves come in contemporary and classic patterns and are long enough so you can wrap them around your neck in a variety of ways. Chipp is also planning to put up some vintage, new-old-stock ties on their blog this week. They’ll be available to our readers for $20 per tie. Featuring cheeky pictorial messages, these are the kind of conversation pieces that one might wear to a holiday party. 

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