Our Beloved Sponsors

June 3, 2014

Our Beloved Sponsors

A big warm thank you goes out to our sponsors this month for their support. Our first sponsor, The Hanger Project, is having their summer sale. Select items have been discounted by up to 50%, and they include Drake’s ties (such as the blue wool challis you see above) and leather goods from Daines & Hathaway. Daines & Hathaway is an old British company that has been producing traditional leather goods since 1922. They’re perhaps most known for their bags and wallets, but they produce much, much more. The Hanger Project, for example, has some of their folios, wash bags, and tidy trays. 

Our second sponsor Gustin crowdsources the production of their raw, selvedge denim jeans in order to offer customers lower prices. No more mark-ups for retail stores, distributors, or the need to account for overstock inventory. They usually work with Cone Mills, a famous textile manufacturer in North Carolina that supplies many high-end denim lines with fabrics, but at the moment, they’ve also got some new stuff in from Japan and Italy. Included is the “Italian Indigo x Grey” fabric you see above. Most denim is woven with blue and white threads, so you get a blue top with a white background, but this one is blue on grey in order to give a much more saturated look.

Chipp is a new sponsor for us, but certainly not new to our site. We’ve written before about how they’re the most affordable source for grenadines. They get all their fabrics from the same place everyone else does (there are only two mills in Italy that provides them) and all of Chipp’s ties are handmade in New York City. Paul welcomes any readers in NYC to stop by his store and chat (he’s got a ton of stories from the hey day of American Ivy Style, with his business having been started by his father in 1945, and he having been in the business since 1960). If you stop by, he can also show you some vintage tie designs that aren’t running on the site, or make you a sport coat or suit for prices that are just as competitive as his grenadines. 

Finally, we want to thank Proper Cloth for their continued support. They just released some new Italian-made ties and accessories, all styled for summer (lots of linen ties and the like).

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